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What to Expect...

Designed for whatever you need! A quick run through or a deep dive into everything baby related.  

Every class covers… 

-Birth plans 

-Coping strategies for when the birth starts to get and feel very “real” 

-What to expect during that first phase of early labor  

-Contraction timing 

-Suggestions and tips for your support person 

-Alternative options and information on medical interventions 

- What to expect and all about induction 

-Pushing positions  

-Caesarean births 

-The golden hour with baby (What to expect immediately after birth) 

-Postpartum tips and tricks 

Group Classes  

( Virtual or in person)  

Detailed and evidence based curriculum covering each type of birth, birth setting and all birth basics. 

3-5 hours

Private Classes 

(Virtual or in person)  

I have a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out before our class. Based on your own specific needs and preferences, I will create a custom curriculum just for your family.  I can work around your schedule, where you prefer the class to be held and even bring the class to you!  

2-5 hours 

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